Animal slaughter by illegal immigrants in Lesvos *photos

Looting, arson and bloodshed are expected to escalate in the near future, in order for the government’s narrative to resonate with the desperate local population.

“Let us build a fence in the refugee-monster camp to escape.”

The indifference and inefficiency of the Authorities is part of the plan. It is also characteristic that the epicenter of the animal thefts has been transferred to the village of Afalonas, since Moria has been “finished” and there are no other animals for the illegal immigrants to slaughter.

What will happen to this situation? they will start slaughtering the inhabitants of the island when there will be no more animals!

This morning, 100 meters from the gate of the illegal refugee camp in Moria, which is “guarded” by the police. Blood from slaughtered animals.

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