Lesvos: Migrants with swords and scythes – Attack a police officer (pic)

Moria Lesvou: Migrants with swords and scythes – Attack a police officer (pic)

Another incident with immigrants in Lesvos.

Five (5) foreigners were arrested on (13-05-2020) at a residence of foreigners in Moria, Lesvos, by police officers of the Mytilene Police Department.

Who are accused – as the case may be – of violating the law on weapons, as well as the crime of violence against employees.

In particular, during a police search, it was found that four (4) of those arrested jointly possessed three (3) sharp metal objects (swords and scythes).

While the other perpetrator committed acts of violence against the police in order to prevent the audit.

As part of the investigation, the above items were confiscated, as well as an electric wheel.

The Mytilene Police Department is conducting a preliminary investigation.


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