Massive jihadist escapes: They are bribing the guards with … European money!

Massive jihadist escapes: They are bribing the guards with … European money!

The Justice for Sisters platform was set up in Germany in June 2019 and there, people who are close friends of ISIS are launching online crowdfunding campaigns to raise money.

In recent months, there has been a mass exodus of jihadists who were previously held captive by the Kurdish army in Syria. Thousands of ISIS members have been released, returning to the core of the terrorist organization in an effort to regenerate it. The interesting thing is that they mainly escape by bribing their guards. The money comes from ISIS supporters in Europe. These are channeled through various platforms that have sprung up on the Internet.

Thousands of ISIS members (numbering more than 12,000) have been held captive in special camps of the Syrian Democratic Army (SDF) in northeastern Syria. The withdrawal of the Americans, the Turkish military invasion of the region and the pandemic created conditions that facilitated their mass escape.

Initially, US special forces had been instrumental in strengthening the prisons. That changed when President Trump withdrew. Since then, a modus vivendi has been developed to facilitate the escape of jihadists. Their return to action comes at a time when ISIS is trying to regain strength and launch counterattacks on Syrian and Iraqi territory.

Indeed, there have been many escapes from Camp al Hol. Most of them, as mentioned above, could have been bribed by local guards. According to information, the amount for the release of a jihadist even reached 4,500 euros.

According to the same information, the tariff depends on the crimes committed by each. If he has been involved in a terrorist attack in Europe, the amount goes up significantly. Hundreds of women, many from European Muslim communities, have fled another camp, Ain Issa, in northeastern Syria. His bombardment by Turkish artillery in the fall of 2019 had made a decisive contribution to the escape of most of the detainees there.

Of particular concern, however, is the fact that many escapes are possible due to the money coming from Europe. An example is the “Justice for Sisters” platform set up in June 2019 in Germany. There, people close to ISIS set up online crowdfunding campaigns to raise money.

Another initiative raised money through the popular encrypted Telegram messaging app. PayPal was even used to send money to smugglers, who helped hundreds of jihadists escape Camp Hol for a fee. In order to avoid interventions from PayPal, in fact, the fundraising campaigns gave names such as “Honeymoon in Vienna” (honeymoon trip to Vienna). An account operating through the al Hol camp was revealed on Instagram. Through this, hundreds of thousands of euros were raised.

Interested parties were informed that the escape and safe transfer of jihadists to ISIS-controlled areas cost up to $ 7,500. He who will help in practice “will receive the blessings of Allah and will be treated as a witness in the next life.” Many of the posts are written in German, Arabic, English and French. It also released a video of ISIS propaganda promising “the punishment of infidels, burning them with the fire of revenge.” According to a Turkish journalist, the detainees in these operations are also facilitated by the Turkish army.

This tactic, which has remained in the background due to the pandemic, is very reminiscent of a similar strategy adopted by ISIS in 2012, two years before it grew. In fact, he had christened her “Breaking the Walls”. Her goal was to free several former jihadists to strengthen the ranks of its fighters. The result is well known today: they have emerged as the most ambitious and powerful Islamic terrorist organization.



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