Orbans Ungarn baut auf Lesbos zerstörte Kirchen

Orban’s Hungary to build churches vandalized in Lesvos

Orban’s Hungary to build churches vandalized in Lesvos

As part of the Hungarian government’s Hungarian Helps program, it was announced in writing that 10 million Hungarian forints (28,275 euros) would be offered to Greece “for the repair of the churches vandalized by Lesvos”. A written statement from the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary states:

“This year, on the island (Lesvos), immigrants have attacked several holy sites, reacting to the fact that the Greek authorities are preventing illegal immigration to distant European countries. As a result of the vandalism, several items of the Liturgy, as well as church furniture, were destroyed.

On behalf of the Greek National Minority of Hungary, the Government of the Greeks of Hungary contacted the Prime Minister’s Office to ask for help in restoring the churches.

Hungary remains committed to the protection of religious freedom and Christian culture. We believe that help should be provided where there is a problem, rather than creating problems here.

The offer to restore the churches on the island of Lesvos will be given as part of the Hungarian Hungarian Helps Program by the Minister in charge of helping persecuted Christians and the implementation of the program, Tristan Azbej and the Minister in charge of ecclesiastical affairs and minorities, Miklós Soltész , through the Self-Government of the Greeks of Hungary “.

Really, will a Greek government minister be found to thank Hungary for the gesture? Or will he be considered by some neo-progressives and followers of the so-called politically correct, as “racist help for Greek Christians” by the far-right and populist government of Viktor Orban?

The church of St. Raphael and the chapel of St. George were vandalized in March, while the church of St. Catherine was also vandalized by Our Lady of Tsiramdous in Moria in May. All four churches are located in Lesvos, which is facing a serious problem of overpopulation of illegal immigrants.

SOURCE: Cosmostatus

DP comment: The vandalism of small churches in Lesvos is not a phenomenon that has occurred in the last 3 months. According to the website “orthodoxianewsagency”, a total of 13 small churches have been vandalized in Lesvos recently.

In fact, in the church of Agios Giorgis, the Priests did not hesitate to throw out of the ossuary the bones of a woman, who had as her last wish to keep her bones in this small chapel.

The above disasters have taken place in areas near the infrastructure where the refugees and immigrants that Greece hosts in Lesvos are housed. Of course, this does not mean that our uninvited guests are to blame for all the cases of vandalism.

But the issue is serious and sensitive and touches the conscience of religious people and beyond. All those who respect their fellow man and his beliefs and do not want to be wronged or wronged.

Shouldn’t this concern and mobilize those who defend the human and religious rights of all people without exception? Will we witness another incident of selective sensitivity here as well?

Despite the fact that these disasters have been made public, none of the well-known NGOs, other organizations and sections of political parties that are supposed to be working to defend the human and religious rights of all people have published any relevant announcement.

Under these circumstances, it should come as no surprise that the residents of this area of ​​Lesvos feel that they are becoming second-class citizens and that their religious rights are being persecuted.

As is well known, when a person feels that he is being wronged in his own home, which is sometimes invaded, then the factor of physical security is added, he can turn into an angry person, who is brutally insulted by acquaintances for a fee, ie professionals. , humanists who usually lurk to stigmatize anyone who does not embrace the inexpensive for their own philosophies.

The issue is serious and it seems that ELAS cannot prevent the continuation of vandalism. Let the Prime Minister not pass it unanimously, because the pictures that follow are just reminiscent of beautiful and picturesque chapels that exist all over Greece.

These chapels are psychologically connected to the local population and those who derive their origin from these places. It is part of our cultural heritage and their vandalism is displeasing and even outrageous to atheists.


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