Photos – Turkish army in Greek territory in Evros

Photos – Turkish army in Greek territory in Evros

Members of Turkish armed forces found themselves inside Greek territory, encamped and carried out illegal measurements.

Documento brings to light photos that prove that members of the Turkish armed forces were found inside Greek territory.

The slow reaction of the Foreign Minister to what happened at the Apiculture Center, the unprecedented statement of N. Dendias on the violation of Greek territory, the non-information of the political forces and the announcement of the Foreign Minister about fake news at a time when the move to Turkey was a fact , compose the canvas of successive mistakes on the part of the government.

Turkey’s actions in southern Evros cannot be treated as an isolated incident. On the contrary, they prove the escalation of the provocation of the neighbors after the instrumentalization of refugees – immigrants but also the violations of Greek and Cypriot EEZs, which were christened by the government “fortuna” and “digging in the mud” respectively.

Despite inaccuracies about raising a Turkish flag on Greek soil, what British media revealed was happening for at least a week. It all started after the decision of the Greek authorities for the construction of a barbed wire fence in southern Evros in order to deal with any new crisis, similar to the one that Turkey had triggered a few months ago.

The construction of the fence had to be accompanied by the deforestation of trees, which was aimed at cleaning the recording field of the cameras that would be placed. To be fully understood, the cutting of trees had Turkish lands on the horizon and took place within Greek territory.

“After cutting down the trees, they moved to the Greek part of the land that is on the riverbed. At that time, the Turks appeared and falsely claimed that the Greek border was defined by barbed wire, “well-informed sources told, adding that the Turkish military guards demanded the withdrawal of Greek forces, which was done.

“The next day, the Greek topographic service of the army was found at the spot. He opened the maps, made measurements and confirmed that the ground is Greek “, the same sources continue to describe the events, pointing out that the arrival of the relevant Turkish service followed to make measurements together with military guards who camped at the spot.

Turkish military guards entered Greek territory

According to the sources, in the photo above, the members of the Turkish topographic service are inside Greek territory, making illegal measurements. This incident provoked the step of the Foreign Minister’s protest against the neighbor, regardless of whether the competent ministry then followed the fake trampled of fake news.

The incident was also mentioned in yesterday’s announcement of the official opposition. “The initial objections of the Foreign Minister that these are fake news from extreme websites reproduced by SYRIZA, were refuted immediately after the step in which he proceeded to Turkey because Turkish soldiers” carried out measurements “inside Greek territory. Obviously, the Greek Foreign Minister is not taking steps based on false news. So, only the accusations against the opposition were false “, it is noted in the announcement of SYRIZA.

According to the same sources, the photo shows the scene set up by the members of the Turkish garrison, while the first arrow shows the location of the garrison, which – according to the sources – is Greek territory.

This photo, according to the sources, shows one of the points that the Greek forces could not approach after the incident.


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